Dierk Hagedorn, internationally renowned expert for historical German combat manuscripts, head Instructor for longsword at Hammaborg, author of Peter von Danzig - Transkription und Übersetzung der Handschrift 44A8, co-author of GLADIATORIA
New Haven - MS U860.F46 1450
, member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition and the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association:

"Roland Warzecha is one of the most accomplished swordsmen I have ever met. His expertise and special interest are the oldest surviving fencing manuscripts. His achievements in reconstructing techniques with sword and buckler are simply outstanding. Roland is the most dedicated person when it comes down to detail — and this concerns not only the mere physical approach but also delving deeply into research. His knowledge about all things Medieval is nothing but encyclopaedic. There is much to learn from Mr Warzecha."