Roland Warzecha (*1966) has been a devoted re-enactor since the early 1990s and practiced according combat sports. From 2000 – 2005 he received thorough martial arts training by Axel Wagener and Heiko Lempio in escrima-based UCC (Ultimate Close Combat) and acquired profound knowledge of essential martial concepts. He has been engaged in HEMA since 2003. His prime subject of research is fighting with sword and buckler according to MS I.33 and later German masters like Lignitzer, Talhoffer and Kal.
Furthermore, he is working on reconstructing single combat with center-gripped round shields and medieval triangle shields. He closely co-operates with international experts, scientists and museums.
Roland became a member of HEMAC in 2007 and of CFAA in 2011. For years, he was instructor at HEMA club Hammaborg, which he had co-founded. In 2013 he started his own school DIMICATOR. He initiated the Berlin Buckler Bouts, a regular event hosted by Twerchhau. He has successfully participated in a number of international tournaments and won buckler competitions in La Coruña, Spain, and Gothenburg, Sweden. He has taught classes in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, New Zealand and the USA.