An instructional DVD on the basics of medieval buckler combat in English or German scripted by Roland Warzecha and Tobias Wenzel was published by Agilitas Tv. In Germany it can be ordered from the publisher or Amazon. The English version is available in the USA at Freelance Academy Press.

Based on his lecture on early medieval combat with sword and shield, held at the Sword Conference at Freiburg University in 2012, Roland Warzecha has contributed an illustrated article (in German with English abstract) to the academic publication ”Das Schwert – Symbol & Waffe“. Next to occasional contributions to magazines and books such as ”Mittelalterliche Kampfesweisen“, a fully illustrated  publication on European medieval combat with sword & shield is in the works. See previews here. If you wish to receive a personal notification upon its release or when an according crowd-funding campaign is being launched, you are welcome to get in touch via email.

DIMICATOR also hosts a video channel on Youtube that provides free instructional videos.

Furthermore, instructional posters are available at Freelance Academy Press.